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Robert entered the film business with his first job for AFI in Miami and quickly moved through the ranks from Coordinating, Locations, UPM and Producer.  After moving to NYC, he built relationships with directors and production companies which lead to delivering jobs all over the country -  NYC, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Tampa, Toronto, Vancouver, the Caribbean, Charlotte, Columbia and Atlanta.  He's proud to have produced all formats; commercials, music videos, documentaries and promos while working through the film age of 35 & 16 to the current digital delivery.

Go Mets!


Opportunity to share my advertising, marketing, creative, production & management experience in house. 


- Line Producer & AD for commercials, music videos, promos, documentaries & digital content

- Bidding and scheduling from RFP's, treatments or boards

- Oversee all aspects of production including travel, hiring all crew & talent, shooting schedule, locations, & post

- Organize production schedules for client, agency & production company

- Worked in most major cities across the country and many around the world

- Produced budgets 25k to 2.5 million

- Create a cohesive environment for all personnel to deliver the best content

- Deliver content for broadcast or social 

- Liaison between client, agency, record label and production company


Line Producer, PM, AD 

Commercials Include: Claritin, Thera Flu, Burger King, I Love NY, Pennzoil, Thrifty, Nascar, Champion, GMC, Natures Own, Interstate Batteries, Ford, Alabama Power, Dollar Tree.


Music Videos Include: Santana, Rob Thomas, Jay Z, Biggie Smalls, Mariah Carey, Julio Iglesias, Joey McIntyre, Lenny Marlin, Deborah Morgan.

Film/TV/Documentaries: Mets, Jay Z, Back On My Feet, Buddy Brew, True Lies (Locations)

Directors Include: Robert Maya, Nico Beyer, Marcus Raboy, Abdul Abbot, Max & Dania, Jerry Sandoval, Steve & Linda Horn, Bruce Dowad, Barry Sonnenfeld, Mark Claywell, Tricia Caruso, Peter Cherry


University Of Tampa, Programming & Production


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