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15 - 20

The University of Tampa is excited to welcome Team Italia for a series of combined practices and games at our state-of-the-art baseball facility. This event not only provides a great opportunity for the Spartans to compete against a talented international team, but also serves as a platform to promote the game of baseball in Italy. With Italy being a developing baseball country, this event will showcase the growth and potential of the sport in the country. Additionally, it will highlight the top-notch facilities at the University of Tampa and solidify our reputation as a premier destination for college baseball. We look forward to a friendly and competitive series and hope to continue fostering a strong relationship between our two teams, countries, and passion for baseball.


October 15


UT will provide transportation for Team Italia with our team bus. Accommodations will be secured in downtown Tampa for easy access to and from our facility. Downtown also offers players and coaches the opportunity to enjoy the city with its sights, restaurants, and bars along the riverfront.The evening will consist of a welcome dinner at a local restaurant for both squads to meet and greet.

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October 16 & 17

Team Practices

October 18, 19, 20

2 Game Series

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Head Coach University Of Tampa

Former Spartan All-American Joe Urso, the most accomplished active head coach in all of college baseball, is in his 24th season as head baseball coach of the University of Tampa. During his tenure, he has won more national championships than any college baseball coach. Reaching the pinnacle of success, his program is widely regarded as a collegiate baseball powerhouse under the leadership of a staff that garners respect from MLB teams for the character and talent within the program. 


Coach Urso's grandparents are from Agrigento, Sicily.

Coach Urso was also recently featured in Forbes which highlights his journey from professional baseball to UT.




1. Flood, social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to create buzz and inform the local community about the event.


2. A promotional video showcasing the excitement and passion of Italian baseball and the University Of Tampa can be shared on these platforms to attract potential fans.


3. Targeted advertisements and partnerships with local businesses and sports organizations can be leveraged to reach a wider audience such as the City of Tampa and the Italian Club of Tampa.

4. Collaborating with local media outlets to feature the Italian players and their journey to Tampa can also generate interest.


5. Offering special ticket packages and discounts for families can make the event more appealing.


6. Sell Team Italia & Spartan gear online and in person. 

7. Hold a showcase for eligible Italian/American players 18+ who would like to continue their baseball career in the Italian Professional League.  

8. Camp for kids >18 with the Italian national team.  


9. Create a fan zone with interactive activities and food vendors that can enhance the overall experience for attendees on game day.

10. Livestream the games via UT production support.  


With a strategic marketing plan in place, UT and Team Italia can successfully establish a presence in Tampa and attract a diverse and enthusiastic crowd for their weekend series.

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