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A clean slate is great but we don't need to reinvent the wheel.  What you are doing (the creative) is working, we just need to enhance and streamline the delivery of the product.  Sometimes the most challenging job as a producer is pulling a bit of creative direction out of the minds of brands, directors, business, etc.   So that is what I'm going to do with this page.  Try to get as much out of your noggin so I can begin to paint this blank canvas.   

Below is a sample of one of my jobs - Blind Barber.  After a phone conversation the director, he took some time and sent me a one page "creative treatment".  From this, I was able to properly build out a budget based on the creative AND the numbers they had budgeted.  Remember, filming is like buying fishing gear, a car, boat, etc.  Spend a little more, get a little more (up to a point of course).  



The "spoof" video went viral and caught the attention of  Ad Week who followed it up with a story.  So yes, the project was a success and it all started from just a few paragraphs.  



Here are some bullet points from my producers hat.  From this, send me a one page outline of each division with your creative and vision.  The more I understand the brand, market and competition, the more I can help shape the creative, direction and overall budget.  Send samples of shows/content you like.  Maybe just elements of different shows.  Remember, the shows/samples don't have to be about fishing.  Just stuff you think is "cool" and would separate Salt Strong.   No limits, get creative as you want! 


FULL LENGTH COURSE (3-day shoot with a full-length course every month)

This is the Bread & Butter of the Salt Strong business.  

  • Why does it have to be a 3-day shoot once a month?  If your goal is 12 a year we could probably do 3-4 at a time.  The more we bundle the more money we save.

  • What do you love about how the current courses are shot? 

  • What would you like to change most?

  • From each course you want to pull out 30-50 tips?

4 LIVE EVENTS (2 Day Events)

Fishing events, party's, how to videos??  Again, why not bundle a live event with shooting a course, tips, show, etc.  Lots of options here, need more direction.  


12p - 8p

Saturday - 8a -6p

Sunday fising


This is pretty straight forward but can be organized to where we can take 3-4 days to shoot a month of daily content.  Why do the daily content tips always to to come from you?  You have 1000's of followers who would love to offer valid fishing tips for each area.  If we use their tip they get $50 bucks cold cash, 12 pack of miller lite, or something from a sponsor, etc...


Are you two in the show?  On location?  Studio?  Can the capitan we use for the course also do a "weekly show" segment when we have them?  Can partners be involved?  You for sure can leverage this where a partner pays $ to support the show.  

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