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SCOPE: Delevlope experiential, livestream and virtual events for DOG TRUST, USA.  

AUDIENCE: Current key donor's & influencers 

AIR DATES:  Livestream every Friday for 4 weeks - 11/27 (Bark Friday), 12/4, 12/11, 12/18.  Each week is a different group so the content can be consistent.


1. Welcome from Meredith Beck.

2. Video intro from Owen Sharp, can be recorded but specific to the weekly group.  If recorded, he can join in         last 15 minutes for Q & A's

3. A few words from the "Key Donor" host. 

4. Main Event - a live Dog Trust coach will lead the audience through content driven engagement.  We are              asking the influencers to join the event with their dog...or really any dog; or they can just watch.

5. Content can include:  

    "How To..."

    "3 Mistakes..."

    "When your dog does this..."

    or it can be driven by the Key Donor host.

6. We will send the attendees a pre video of the format, what to expect, what they need, best location, specifics,      etc. We can also include a video of a current Dog Trust video of what we are covering.

7. We will always end the livestream by asking what they want to see & hear for future content.


 - Kid Driven

 - Fitness Driven "Paws & Planks"

 - 4 week content with "homework"

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