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PRODUCER - A few jobs over the years highlighting my variety of work.  

- "Fooled the internet" with this fun project for the start up brand Blind Barber which includes Phillies star Bryce Harper. Bryce Harper - Ad Week  

- Produced I Love NY's "New Day" commercial one week after 9/11.  This campaign was in direct response to the terrorist attacks.  After being at the WTC and witnessing the first plane hit the North Tower, this project will always be more than just "shooting film".

- Producer/Post Supervisor for the music video Santana "Smooth".  Smooth has been touted as one of the greatest songs ever and ranked as the second most successful song of all time by Billboard.

- Managed locations in Miami and Key West for the film True Lies, the first 100 million dollar film.  What's more fun than clearing locations for exploding buildings, helicopters, bridges and landing military vehicles on city streets!

- Produced/UPM for Jay Z's "Streets Is Watching" musical film/documentary which help launched his career as one of hip hop's best artist of all time. 

- Managed and produce corporate events (experiential) for ASPCA, CNN, HBO, TIME WARNER & MMRF.

FITNESS - When not producing I love sharing my fitness passion! 

- Founder Terrier Fitness 

- Has completed 6 Ironmans.

- Involved with Equinox fitness since 2002.

- The original instructor of cycle for survival.  Now in its 14th year raising more than  $200 million for rare cancer research.

- Featured in magazines such as Self, Fitness, Men's Health and Bicycling.

     SELF MAGAZINE - Get Slim In The Gym

     BICYCLING MAGAZINE - Women's Ride Day

     TRIATHLETE MAGAZINE - Make Peace With Your Bike Trainer

     FITNESS MAGAZINE - Triathlon Training Tips

     SELF MAGAZINE - Lose Weight Like A Guy

     SHAPE MAGAZINE - Swim Tips

     NY TIMES - Indoor Cycling Finds Its Way Back

     THE STYLE OF SPORT - The Cyclist's Spin Class

     FITNESS MAGAZINE - 3 Ways To Burn 500 Calories

- Featured on the Today Show, Fox & Friends and GMA.

- Played baseball at the University of Tampa.

I Love NY "New Day" 9/11

Santana "Smooth" Music Video

Ironman Mont Tremblant

IM MT.jpg

Leading Cycle For Survival Time Square

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