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Joe  & Luke - Congrats on the creation and development of a great brand in such a short amount of time.  I understand the endless days and night to create a sustainable fishing club and community for all.  All your hard work is paying off as the journey is just beginning. 


Here are few thoughts on how I can help Salt Strong with its regional and national development in the fishing community.  


  • 20 plus years experience creating content - commercials, music videos, long form, social.  

  • Conceptualize content in studio and on location in collaboration with the Salt Strong brand.

  • Produce and oversee creative execution of all Salt Strong content.

  • Work in collaboration with you to develop the most unique, best in the industry original content, which will separate Salt Strong from the competition. 

  • Develop or refine custom weekly treatments and/or creative decks for all original content.

  • Leverage my crew, vendors and contacts for the Salt Strong brand.

  • Oversee the film capture of all projects.

  • Produce any "prestige campaigns" as needed.

  • Coordinate all location shoots, manage equipment, crew, boats, captains, talent, hotels, etc. 

  • Edit as needed and oversee freelance editors.  

  • Shoot as needed and oversee freelance DP's.

  • Direct location and in studio content as needed.


  • 12 plus years experience as a small brand business owner.

  • Develop and implement strategies for marketing.

  • Improve brand recognition.

  • Analyze market trends and competitors’ methods.

  • Assist in setting brand standards, mission, and goals.

  • Improve the brand’s reach to customers.

  • Research consumer markets and opportunities.

  • Create marketing strategies for brand to build brand loyalty.

  • Supervise campaigns to ensure brand consistency.

  • Estimate cost parameters, budgets, campaigns, and potential ROI.

  • Lead creative development of brand and marketing.

  • Research and track performance and reactions.

  • Manage company and client expectations.

  • Review timeframes and budgets.

  • Attend networking events to build brand name recognition.

  • Continue to build a following for brand on social media.

  • Never ending brainstorm and collaborating for new ideas and strategies.



Print ads don't always have to be about fishing, but about creating content for people to connect with.  These ads can be genders, age and socioeconomics specific to associate with each group. Here are a few simple but strong ads I believe are brilliant. 






















How does Salt Strong market membership, fishing courses, video content and tips?  Create social "bites and snacks".  These :03, :06 and :15 ads is where the industry is moving.  Also, if consumers watch "bites and snacks" then they'll likely watch long form promos.












MEN (35-55)

With Salt Strong's demographics 80% men 35-55, most of the messaging with be targeted to this group.  This is your bread and butter and will continue to be.  Goal is to drive more membership and sales driving how to catch more fish in less time. 


What are the opening words in Salt Strong music video? "Looking back I was eight years old".  There you have it, connect with kids and you'll have lifelong brand followers. The paragraph below is directly from the special report created by


"To inspire more Americans to begin a lifelong love of fishing, it is critical that potential participants are engaged in meaningful fishing opportunities at an early age. Similar to past years, almost 83 percent of current adult participants were introduced to the sport of fishing during childhood.  After the age of 12, it was much less likely for a person to try fishing.  And, those participants who did try fishing during childhood retained positive memories, like spending time in nature and enjoying the company of family and friends.  By understanding the demographics, motivations and barriers of participants, the fishing industry can better reach America’s youngest citizens to nurture a new generation of fishing enthusiasts.  Connecting youth to fishing will inspire passionate anglers and committed outdoor stewards, ultimately ensuring that our nation’s waterways are protected, our communities are healthy and our industry is thriving."


















Create a segment and /or series to target kids.

  - Experienced kids can be our captain for the day

  - Invite and highlight kids new to fishing

  - Share their passion and community flavor


Many kids do not have access to water and/or parents who share a passion of fishing.


I believe you can bridge this gap with Salt Strong's partners where everyone benefits.  Every SINGLE company wants to connect with the next generation of fisherman.  Engage your current base to assist with vessel support as well as the standard fishing equipment & accessories and local captains, vendors, etc.  People LOVE to give back and be part of a well planned and executed cause.  
















Brands are now spending just as much producing these campaigns as they are video.   You get user interaction and video content all in one. 


Triple paid subscribers over the next 2 years from 5k - 15k.  How to get there?

  - Overall production and content improvement

  - Streamline and standardize all content 

  - Target specific markets socially

  - Implement more "promos" across all platforms

  - Co branding opportunities are essential to access a larger reach as you become a national brand

  - Engage the base with "how they do it"

Additional Video/Marketing/In Person Creative

  - Graduation retreat / fishing camp

  - Salt Strongs next great captain Male/Female

  - Fishing Tourney / Skills Competition

  - Beginner, intermediate, advanced designation for courses

  - Join our show

  - Highlight captain's (get them free or they pay you).  Offer options.    

  - "Fishin' Females"

  - "Kids Who Katch"

  - End with bullet points on each tip


I know this position is all hands on deck, it could be 40 hours a week...or 80, and I'll be wearing many hats, but this is what attracted me to the position.

Immediate responsibilities

1. Head of Production (any and all video content)

2. Offer brand creative and content

3. Daily spitballin'


2k - 7/8 thru 8/1 (ramp up, organize next shoot with current resources, attend shoot)

55k - 8/1 thru 12/31/18

75k - 1/1/19 thru 6/31/19

95k - starting 7/1/19 and % of membership to be negotiated and paid quarterly.  

Lets discuss benefits, title, equity opportunity, etc as I don't want to be stranded after 3-4 years when Salt Strong ends up buying Bass Pro Shops!  

Thank you for considering!



Monthly Membership


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Men Specific

Kid Specific

Women Specific









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